End of Year Video - call for clips!

While this year may not have the happiest memories for all of us, we would like to commemorate the efforts many of us have made to keep dancing in these awful circumstances and we need your help!

End of Year Video - call for clips!

It's been almost a year since I started work on our last end of year video - I've linked it at the end of those of you who haven't seen it yet!

While this year hasn't gone as any of us would have liked, we are keen to commemorate the hard work many of us have put in to carry on dancing throughout these awful circumstances. There's been some really exciting things that happened this year:

To make this video as good as it can be (this year hasn't given us that much to work with...) we invite you to send your own submissions! These can be either in written format or as a video, perhaps of yourselves answering a question like we did for the Twitch audition, or of yourselves dancing.

You can send things in to us on Facebook, either personally or to our page, over Instagram or by email.

Your submissions

We'd really like to hear any of your positive experiences - if you enjoyed any of the classes, events and socials we put on, it would be great to hear your thoughts!

We'd like to do a section of us all dancing together - if you can take a few minutes to film a section of your favourite dance we will do our best to include it in the video.

Any videos, pictures etc. you have from competitions, socials, meetings etc. The more the better! We will ask that you fill out our Photographs & Media Consent form.

Video Date

As the situation may be changing in May with the relaxation of restrictions, it is possible we will have some in-person dancing (perhaps socially distanced). As such, the closing date for submissions will be May 31st, with any possible activities over the summer forming part of next year's video.

Keep dancing! 💃