BALADS & BUDS Cha-Cha/Hip-Hop collaboration

We have partnered with BUDS to bring you a fun evening of dance classes plus a dance quiz!

BALADS & BUDS Cha-Cha/Hip-Hop collaboration

We have an exciting collaboration event planned with the University of Birmingham Dance Society! Both of our societies have been forced online due to the pandemic and we need to stick together in these challenging times.

Join us on Wednesday 25th November (Facebook event here, if you can't see it ask to join our group here!) for a Cha-Cha class taught by BALADS and a Hip-Hop class taught by BUDS! Dances will be aimed at novice level, so some dance experience will be helpful, but we hope it will be a good introduction to both styles of dance and a chance to meet like-minded dancers.

In addition, there will be a mini dance quiz between classes to keep you on your toes.

Hope to see many of you there! You will need to have bought membership for either of our societies to join in - you can do so here if you haven't already - but the class will be free to members of either society!