Privates (Tuesday 7th May)

To request a private lesson for next week, please fill out the google form linked below. Private lessons cost £30 for 45 minutes. If you attend with your partner, you can split the cost - £15 each. If you do not have a partner, but would like one for the lesson, please put that in the additional info box.

Privates will be in Deb Hall this week.

The submission period for the form is Wednesday 1st May at 4pm to Friday 3rd May at 12pm. Submissions before or after this time period will not count.

Please note that if you are unable to attend your lesson you must let us know by Monday at 12pm at the latest, otherwise you will still be expected to pay for the lesson if we are unable to find someone to fill your slot.

Jackie will be available from 10 am - 10 pm.

Private lessons with Jackie:

Privates are allocated on a first come first served basis, so please fill in the form as soon as you can. If you are unable to get a private this week, you will be put on the priority list for the next week so make sure to remember to put a form in when the next submission period starts.An email confirming allocations will be sent out at latest on Sunday 5th May

For anyone who would like more information on privates, please have a look at our FAQ page on the BALADS website:

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I join as a complete beginner? Yes! We hold classes for absolute beginners starting in October each year - no partner required! No matter when you join, committee will always be willing to help and teach you the basics. What dances will I learn as a beginner? For our

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