Your Committee are all volunteers who give their time to keep the society running smoothly. We are a diverse group of people, many of whom have only started their dance journey in the last couple of years. If you every have any questions, come and find one of us and we will do our best to help!

Committee 2024-25

President: Liv Rodgers
Secretary: Will Parfitt
Treasurer: Justin Crotaz
Vice President: Isabella Goodridge
Team Captain: Elizabeth Caton
Social Secretary: Katie Lane
Publicity Officer: Clara Eriksson

Committee 2023-24

President: Liveta Elijosiute
Secretary: Realyn Saldanha
Treasurer: Justin Crotaz
Vice President: Isabella Goodridge
Team Captains: Alex Crotaz and Aayushi Gala
Social Secretary: Liv Rodgers
Publicity Officer: Liz Whileman

Committee 2022-23

President: Eleanor Gaggs
Secretary: Alex Crotaz
Treasurer: William Parfitt
Vice President: Katie Deverson
Team Captains: Gemma Longley and Catherine Crewe
Publicity Officer: Fiona Wilson
Social Secretary: Liveta Elijosiute

Committee 2021-22

President: Lydia Wright
Secretary: Jenny Chantratita
Treasurer: Eleanor Gaggs
Vice President: Klara Němcová
Team Captains: Katie Deverson & Richard Horridge
Publicity Officer: Catherine Crewe
Social Secretary: Alex Reeve

Committee 2020-21

President: Beth Gardiner
Secretary: Lydia Wright
Treasurer: Andrew Harvey
Vice President: Emilie Butler
Team Captains: Katie Deverson & Wing Kiu Chan
Publicity Officer: Richard Horridge
Social Secretary: Nina Beddoe