Weekly Timetable (w/c 21st February)

Hi everyone!

Here is the timetable for this week:

Monday 21st February

✨Social Class: Sequence Dances with Ellie (6-7pm, Deb Hall, £2)

We strongly encourage you to come learn some sequence dances at Social Class this week. You'll get to dance them at the tea dance on Sunday.

✨ Rock 'n' Roll Class with Craig (7-8pm, Deb Hall, £4)

If you do both Social and Rock 'n' Roll, its £5 for both classes!

Tuesday 22nd February

✨ Beginners Only Practice (6-7pm, Deb Hall)

✨ Open Practice (7-9pm, Deb Hall)

Sadly, there will be no Latin classes this week as Kerry is unable to make it. We've decided to hold practice sessions instead.

Thursday 24th February

✨ Open Practice (6-8pm, Deb Hall)

We are holding this extra open practice session for anypne who would like to get some last-minute practice in before Blackpool.

✨ Offbeat Rehearsal (8-10pm, Deb Hall)

Friday 25th February

✨ Open Practice (1-4pm, Deb Hall)

Enjoy this extra last-minute practice before we go to Blackpool in the evening!

Saturday 26th February-Sunday 27th February

✨ IVDC at Blackpool 💃🏆🕺🏖🍲

More details to come on the Team Page.

Happy Dancing 💃🕺 ,