Come along to our practice competition (Saturday 30th October, 1:30pm in the Guild Underground) to learn how competitions work!

Afterwards (5pm) we will be splitting up - those that want to learn about hair and makeup can take part in a workshop in Beorma Bar, while those that are not interested can join me in Joe's Bar and discuss more about competitions!

Both events will be free!

Take a look at our FAQs and our Comp Prep page to get more info about competitions!

Practice Competition

This is a chance to practice what it will be like at an actual competition (sign ups for Leicester on 6th November are open on our Team Page). For those of you who have just started dancing, you will get the chance to practice walking on and off the floor, dancing for the length of time you will get to dance at a comp, and to learn what to do when you make a mistake or someone gets in your way.

For the Novices among you, some of you will not have had the chance to compete before - you are welcome to come as well! At many real competitions Novice is the first event, so you will get to practice this (it's always unnerving though!).

Any more experienced dancers are also welcome. We'll run a couple of Intermediate/Advanced rounds later so you will get a chance to dance, and you are welcome to use the opportunity to wear your competition dresses. Your expertise is also invaluable for those of us with less experience!

What to Bring

We recommend that you have a think beforehand about what you want to wear for competitions. Have a look at our comp preparation page for lots of helpful advice on what is allowed in Beginner and Novice! We recommend that you invest in a pair of dance shoes as they are the single most helpful thing you can buy - check out the section on shoes.

Come dressed in your comp outfits if possible as we can give you feedback and advice - I'll be dressed in Novice kit myself.

If you want to do hair and makeup as well then go for it - next time it will need to be done a lot earlier in the morning!

Rough Running Order

I've bolded the most relevant things for Beginners

  • Introduction (Rich)
  • What we do when we get to a comp (Rich)
  • Getting and putting on your Number (Rich + Jenny)
  • Demonstration of walking on and off the floor (Rich + Committee)
  • Novice Waltz (Any Novice couples)
  • Novice Quickstep (Any Novice couples)
  • Handling mistakes or crashes! (Rich)
  • Beginner Waltz (Any Beginner couples)
  • Beginner Quickstep (Any Beginner couples)
  • Looking after ourselves at competitions (Clare)
  • Beginner Cha-Cha (Any Beginner couples)
  • Beginner Jive (Any Beginner couples)
  • Rounds and recalls (Rich)
  • Inter/Advanced Waltz / Quickstep (Any Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced couples)
  • Clothes and shoes (Rich)
  • Novice Cha / Jive (Any Novice couples)
  • Inter/Advanced Cha / Jive (Any Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced couples)
  • Team match (Rich)
  • Fun dance! (Everyone)
  • End of practice comp
  • Open practice until 5pm

BALADS Bootcamp

Once we have the practice comp there will be a bit of time for Open practice in the Underground. At 5pm the next event will kick off - the BALADS Bootcamp!

We will be splitting into two groups - those who are interested in learning about competition hair and makeup (traditionally, Ladies / Followers) and those who would rather not and want to go to the pub instead (traditionally, Men / Leaders).

The hair and makeup workshop will be led by the wonderful Helen - she will take you through an effective look which will help you stand out on the dancefloor - see this section on the comp guide to find out more!

The others will join me in Joe's Bar for a drink and a chat about anything to do with competitions! Everyone is welcome - this is a great chance to get to know more experienced dancers if you've only just started.

If you are already very experienced with hair and makeup, feel free to come along - your advice will be invaluable to those for whom this is all very new and scary - but we are planning a more advanced workshop at a later date!

What to Bring

If you have hair and makeup equipment already, bring it along! There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and get advice from different people. This is also a great chance to check that you have everything on the kit list.

For those of us who are coming to Joe's, all you will need is money (if you wish to buy anything) and to be ready for a chat and a few laughs!

Rough Running Order

Beorma Bar

  • Introductions (Helen + Andrea)
  • Hair tutorial (Helen + Andrea)
  • Makeup tutorial (Helen + Andrea)

Joe's Bar

  • Chat
  • Drink
  • (later on) Go upstairs to see what we've been missing out on!

Leicester Friendly

Our first competition is Leicester Friendly - you still have time to sign up on the Doodle Poll on our Team Page! If you've just started dancing, we can wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go. Competition days are really fun and it's unlike any experience you've had before. We'd love to see as many beginners at Leicester as possible - it's one of the friendliest competitions of the year.

If you can't make it to the Practice Comp or BALADS Bootcamp you can still attend Leicester Friendly! You have until Monday 25th October at 22:00 to sign up!