Our last competition of the term and as a committee! Bristol as always hosted a fantastic comp with and we were proud to bring a big team after their showing at Birmingham comp.

While there were issues at the start of the day with the scrutineers testing positive for Covid, all was resolved and the day ran very smoothly. I was really proud of our team - everyone has worked very hard all year and that was clear in the quality of everyone's performances.

There were quite a few new partnerships on the day and many of us were dancing with very little practice time. Massive congratulations to Peter & Meko, Ellie & Robyn, Clare & Jamie, Ralph & Deannah and Alex & Ben (+ Alex's partnerships on the day with Anna and Deannah!) for their phenomenal dancing after such a short time together.

A huge well done to our more established partnerships - every one of you has improved so much this year and it has been wonderful to be a part of your dance journey. Special congratulations has to go to all our beginners who have all now become fully-fledged dancers in only six short months.

Team match allowed only for student couples which caused us some issues in planning! We were able to field two teams with some very last-minute routine planning from many. We put in a very strong performance in the Team Match and all of you were fantastic representatives of Birmingham.

Sadly there was not time for the Team Challenge event which would have allowed our ex-students to get involved. With the day concluded, we returned to the Guild one last time - no more university competitions now until Manchester on 7th May (though there is always the Open Circuit!)

That's it from me as Team Captain! I'll be publishing our report on the year after the AGM on Wednesday, from which point there will be new Team Captains to take you through another great year of dancing.