Weekly timetable (w/c 3rd October)

Hi everyone!

Here is the timetable for this week:

Tuesday 4th:

Private lessons with Kevin (Dance Studio)

Beginners ballroom with Kevin (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

Novice ballroom with Kevin (7 – 8 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

Intermediate ballroom with Kevin (8 – 9 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

If you come to 2 classes, then you only have to pay £7.

For our new members, unfortunately we can only take cash for the lessons

Wednesday 5th:

EGM: Murray Learning Centre (7.30 pm – whenever we finish (probably 8.30 latest), UG06)

We are trying to fill the roles of Vice President and Publicity Officer.

Vice President – this involves organising Strictly (part of this is already done. Ask Katherine for more details if you are interested in running) and medal tests which will happen in Semester 2

Publicity Officer – this requires you to promote the society on our various social media channels and taking photos at the competitions.

We are also required to have 20+ members present for the EGM to be valid in the eyes of the guild, so if we could see as many of you there as possible that would be brilliant.

We will be headed to pres for sportsnight straight after the EGM. Pres are going to be held at Liv’s house and the theme will be white lies.

Thursday 6th:

Music class (7 – 8 pm, University House GO3. We haven’t done these often before. Please see my other post that I am about to make straight after this for more information)

Fitness and conditioning class (8 – 9 pm, Rosa Parks room)

Friday 7th:

Beginners practice (6 – 7 pm, Underground)

Open practice (7 – 10 pm, Underground)

Saturday 8th:

Beginners practice (1 – 2 pm, Amos room)

Open practice (2 – 5 pm, Amos room)

If anyone has any suggestions for the Tuesday group classes, please fill in this form:https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSdeogjTFrfTBH.../viewform