Weekly Timetable (w/c 30th October)

Hi everyone!


📢Anyone who is competing at Warwick or Leicester, please get your memberships ASAP if you haven’t already. I will be making a list of names. Ex-students, I understand the process is more difficult, but I need ALL student competitors and as many ex-student competitors to have memberships before the first comp. £5 – it’s almost cheaper than a meal deal.

📢Forms for Leicester comp will be going up very very soon on the team page (https://m.facebook.com/groups/746430727379717/?ref=share)

📢For beginners looking to compete at Warwick, Leicester and Manchester this term, we would definitely recommend coming to beginners practice. It will really help your confidence in your steps and routines.

Here is the timetable for next week:

Monday 30th:

🎃Halloween burlesque with Ellie (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall, £2)

🎃Rock ‘n’ roll with Craig (7 – 8 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

If you come to both classes, it’s only £5!!

👻Tuesday 31st👻

🎃Private lessons with Jackie (Deb Hall)

🎃Beginners ballroom and latin (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

🎃Novice ballroom (7 – 7.45 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

🎃Novice latin (7.45 – 8.30 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

🎃Intermediate/advanced ballroom (8.30 – 9.15 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

🎃Intermediate/advanced ballroom (9.15 – 10 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

If you come to both novice or both inter classes, it’s only £5!!

Wednesday 1st:

🪩EGM (6.30 – 7.30 pm, Murray Learning Centre UG10)

Directions: starting from University station, head left towards the Old Joe, and it’ll be a big building on your left with Murray Learning Centre on the side.

We are electing a new Secretary, Team captain(s) and Publicity officer. If you are interested, please come along and put yourself forward. You will be asked to make a very short speech, and then we’ll count up votes and make the announcements for the new committee members.

We will be going out to the pub after the EGM, so please join us to welcome our new committee members!

Thursday 2nd:

🪩Conditioning and fitness class (7 – 8 pm, Deb Hall)

Please come to this, particularly if you are planning on being part of the competitive team this year.

Friday 3rd:

❗Deadline for Warwick Comp late entries❗

🪩Beginners practice (6 – 7 pm, Dance Studio)

🪩Open practice (7 – 10 pm, Dance Studio)

Saturday 4th:

❗Deadline for Leicester Comp entries (late entries 11th November)❗

🪩Beginners practice (1 – 2 pm, Deb Hall)

🪩Open practice (2 – 5 pm, Deb Hall)