Warwick Comp Report 2023

Warwick Comp Report 2023

Warwick Varsity Competition was the first comp of the new comp season, taking place on the 12th of November, run by Warwick Latin and Ballroom who put on a fantastic comp, as they do each year.

We had a small team for Warwick this year, however we are incredibly proud of how they have all done, particularly for everyone who’s first university comp this was. I will admit the team was a lot bigger in size on paper, particularly when they gave us the list of numbers. Congratulations to Gemma and Ffion for being on the entries list without even signing up 😂. Very impressive – they miss you that much and it’s only been 1 comp.

Many of you yesterday had joined us only recently, and we are all so happy you were ready to come with us, whether you were competing or spectating. Thank you very much to the spectators for turning up to support the team. We’re really grateful to you all! Shout out particularly for Helen for helping get the competitors hair and makeup looking ready for the comp day. We owe you so much!

There were definitely quite a lot of interesting poses in the freeze jive as well. Rich, your faces during some of those freezes were incredible. Liz, Realyn, Jenny and Annabella congrats for managing to keep on going for so long. I remember the video went on for about 7 or 8 minutes. We’re really proud of you all.

For team match, congratulations to all our couples who took part, whether on our beginners team, who made 2nd place in the division 2 playoff, and our A-team who made it to 4th place in the division 1 final. Thank you very much to UEA, Sheffield and Cardiff for amalgamating with us, and congratulations to York B-team for winning division 2, and Oxford A-team for winning division 1!

Last congratulations for today: really really really well done to Rich and Hannah, who won both Inter Latin, as well as being our couple of the comp

Overall, it was brilliant to get back to competing again this year, and Warwick Varsity was an amazing start to what we hope will be a great comp year.

Alex and Aayushi