Privates (13th June)

To request a private lesson, please fill out the google form. Private lessons cost £25 for 45 minutes. If you attend with your partner, you can split the cost - £12.50 each.

Kevin is not available.

Kerry is available from 12.30 – 6.00 pm.

Latin Private with Kerry:

The submission period for this form is Thursday the 8th of June at 7 pm to Friday 9th of June at 7 pm. Submissions before or after this time period will not count.

Privates are allocated on a first come first served basis, so fill out this form as early as possible, especially for the slots in higher demand (after 4pm). If you aren't able to get a private this week, you will be given priority for future weeks.

Once private allocations have been made for the week, we will send out an email confirming whether you have a private this week. We will aim to send all confirmation emails out by Saturday 10th of June.

Unless it has been agreed with the teacher(s) otherwise, you will still be expected to pay for your private if you (and your partner) cancel within 24-hours notice and we are unable to find someone else to fill your slot. We understand that things come up but this does lead to a loss of earnings for our teachers.

I will be making a forms against humanity graphic for the leaderboard when I have a little more time. Haven’t really had any ideas yet though.

For anyone who would like more information on privates, please have a look at our FAQ page on the BALADS website: