Hi everyone!

Congrats to everyone who went to Northerns on Saturday. I haven’t heard yet much of how it went but I’m sure you all did great!

Here is the timetable for this week:

Monday 6th:

Social class: formation latin with Ellie (6 – 7 pm, Underground, £2)

Rock ‘n’ roll class with Craig (7 – 8 pm, Underground, £4)

Tuesday 7th:

Private lessons with Kerry (Dance studio up to 5 pm, Underground from 5 pm onwards)

Private lessons with Kevin (Underground)

Beginners latin with Kerry (6 – 7 pm, Underground, £4)

Novice latin with Kerry (7 – 8 pm, Underground, £4)

Intermediate latin with Kerry (8 – 9 pm, Underground, £4)

Thursday 9th:

Offbeat (8 – 10 pm, Green room)

Friday 10th:

Open practice (7 – 10 pm, Deb Hall)

Saturday 11th:

Offbeat (12 – 1 pm, Underground)

Open practice (1 – 5 pm, Underground)

Practices will be latin first for this week.

Also anyone coming to offbeat who doesn’t know where the green room is, go up the main stairs behind reception then turn right, follow the corridor and it’ll be on your right. If that still doesn’t help, look for the room with the giant disco ball in the corner (unless they’ve moved it in which case sorry).