Hi lovely people!!


As announced recently, next Tuesday classes will be slightly different as we are running a partnering session.

The classes will still be focusing on what we have been learning the past few weeks, but with more attention on actual partners, so there will be a lot more switching between people - allowing you the opportunity to meet and experience dancing with various people.

Ahead of the session, please have a think about the following:

· Whether you'd be interested in competing or not (and it’s okay whether you   still don't know!)

· How much time you can commit to lessons/practices.

This is so we can pair you up with someone with similar goals, ability, and commitment!

To make it a bit easier for us. We have created a form so if you could fill it out this week, it would be greatly appreciated!


Please do not be afraid to express your true opinions to me, Jackie, or anyone on the committee! We want everyone to be comfortable and happy with their pairings so you can get the most out of your dancing this year, and if you're not, don't hesitate to let us know!


I want to emphasise that if you do not find a partner, please don’t feel disheartened and stop attending. The committee will constantly be on the lookout to find a partner for you, and we will try to rotate in class as much as possible to ensure everyone has the opportunity to dance with someone - we do not want anyone to feel excluded. This partnering session just helps us figure out who would like to compete for us and get everyone speaking


Furthermore, these partnerships don't have to be final – you are free to switch partners at any point! And if you do not want to have a partner then that is perfectly alright; we want to ensure everyone is comfortable


If you have any additional questions, feel free to message me or anyone on the committee.

Liveta xo