Dresses and Music Classes


For anyone who would be interested in a new competition dress (i.e. for team match or for pre-inter or above), my mum started making ballroom dresses recently and will be coming up to Birmingham with a few of them this Saturday at the practice.

If you would be interested in a new dress, she has a range of colours you can choose from and several different patterns she can make, so if you are able to turn up on Saturday so she can take measurements and adjust or make a dress for you then that would be perfect. If you can't make it to the session but you would still like one please let me know, or if you would like any more details on this.

The dresses below are the ones that she has currently made but are still in an adjustable state. The exact price of the dress depends on the complexity of the patterning you would like, but the basic dress (top photos) would be around £350.

Music classes:

The music classes we're planning on running on Thursdays are aimed at beginners and recent novices (although anyone is welcome to come). The aim is to prepare couples a better for the competitions, by helping teach how the music you will be hearing in competitions or at practices and classes works, as well as how to count the beats and phrases and later in the term how to interpret the music. These classes should help you feel more confident on the comp floor and will hopefully allow you improve your choreography as well.

I would absolutely recommend this for any new couples intending to or considering competing for the first time this term.

Hope to see many of you there!