Competition Report – Leicester 2023

For quite a few of you, it would have been your first uni competition of the year and you all made us very proud, particularly for the people who’d only been part of the team for about 2 months or less. You should all be really pleased with how well you’ve done in such a short time!

We’ve managed to take the biggest team this year to a comp, with enough for 2 full teams and 2 extra couples. Congratulations on all of your results! Every single team we put through made it to the finals, with our A-team making it to 4th in Division A final, our B and amalgamated B making it to 6th and 4th in the Division B final, and our amalgamated beginners team making it to 5th place in the Beginners team match final!

Congratulations and thank yous:

🏅To all our finalists who were absolutely incredible to watch!

🏅To our beginner couple, Felix and Brooke, for finalling in their first comp together in both ballroom dances

🏅To the Leicester team for amalgamating with us for both their B-team and their beginners team, as well as for organising an amazing competition!!

🏅To our spectators who made the running of the day considerably easier than it would have been otherwise

🏅To Akaash and Will – the best 3 person waltz partners a guy could ever want

🏅To Rose for making me a hat

🏅And last but not in the slightest bit least to Felix and Brooke, and Katie and Ellie for making it so impossible to decide which of you is the couple of the comp that we had to give it to both of you!

Finally, we hope you’ve used the rest of the weekend to get some much needed rest after yesterday and we’ll see you all again next week.

Alex and Aayushi