BALADS bootcamp

Hi everyone!

It’s the time of year again for the BALADS bootcamp!!

BALADS bootcamp is a session we run every year to help people interested in competing as part of team Birmingham understand how the competitions work, as well as how to prepare yourselves for the big day. We start off the day with a workshop on how to do competition-style hair and makeup without having to spend a lot of money buying products. We’ll then move on to a session on shoes and clothing, and then finish off with a quick demo of how the comps will actually run, as well as a fun mock competition!

If you aren’t sure whether you want to compete, feel free to join us at the bootcamp as well. Who knows, you might decide it’s absolutely your thing.

I would also recommend coming if you would be interested in spectating at the comps, as we’ll also talk about the fun rounds at the comps which are open to spectators as well as competitors (dances like the straight-legged samba, back to back waltz, surprise paso doble, and my personal favourite: the freeze jive).