Weekly Timetable (w/c 6th June)

Tuesday 7th

Beginner/Novice Ballroom with Kevin (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

Intermediate Ballroom with Kevin (7 – 8 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

Thursday 9th

Open practice (7 – 10 pm, University House G08)

The current plan is to be in University House G08. If anyone who is planning on turning up doesn’t know where this is then please message me. For those of you who are dreadfully missing the Murray Learning Centre, I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.

By the way Thursday isn't a typo.

Saturday 11th

Open practice (1 – 5 pm, Rosa Parks)

Best of luck to everyone who is competing in Stars or performing at Valefest!

Also if anyone has any suggestions for the classes on Tuesday, please fill in this form: