You may have heard by now that we are holding a Partnering πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί session tonight in the Debating Hall, Guild of Students. Whether you would like to compete or not, partnering is a great chance to find someone with similar motivation for learning to dance. Some of you will not be interested in competing at all, and that's totally fine - you can continue to participate in all of our classes and practices and we will do our best to find a partner who wants the same. The rest of this post is for those of you who are on the fence!

Competitions are a really fun team-building activity. We'll be spending an entire day together and there's loads of time to chat and meet everyone on the team. While some of our team have been dancing and competing for years, many of us started as beginners the same as you - all of us will be there to make the day as enjoyable as possible for you all! We'll be pairing you up with a 'family' of beginners, novices and experienced dancers so that you have people that you can go to if you have any questions.

Most of us had no idea what to expect from comps and there's only so much we can do to convey the ✨ magic ✨ to you - you'll need to try it out for yourselves! It can seem really intimidating at first - we've all been there! - but we're sure that you will all have a great time. Your own dances may be scary, but all the fun happens off the floor - laughing, cheering and celebrating. None of us expected we would enjoy competing so much when we started - why not give it a go and learn something new and exciting?

Don't worry if you miss partnering - we can always match you up at a later date! A lot of people dance different comps with different people too and it's great to dance with lots of different people.

If you have any questions about dancing or competing, please ask me or Katie. We'll be releasing a video soon on our private Facebook group - please join if you haven't already! - which will go over what goes on at a comp. Hope to see many of you there tonight - beginners' partnering starts at 7.30pm! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ