We are teaching Offbeat on Thursday evenings at 8pm throughout the year and you can get involved at any point! We also have conditioning classes afterwards where we will be working on dance fitness. Offbeat rehearsals are free!


Offbeat is a group dance routine that we perform at Blackpool every year as part of the Inter-Varsity Dance Competition. At Birmingham we always plan our routines to get as many people involved as possible and this year is no exception - we don't want to spoil the theme on here though!

We've started teaching it early this year so we have more time to go over it and so people don't need to commit to coming every week. I got involved in my first year when I had never danced before and had a great time, and I can guarantee that you'll all enjoy being part of it too!

As you can see in our Weekly Timetable we are in the Debating Hall, Guild of Students at 8pm tonight. Hope to see many of you there!

Conditioning Classes

After Offbeat we will be teaching a Conditioning class as well, where we'll be working on dance fitness, core strength and coordination. You'll need to bring mats with you tonight as we'll be doing some floor work. This class only costs £2 and is a great chance to work on your dance fitness!

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