These videos have been contributed by members of the Committee - they cover a range of fundamental technique topics. We hope that they are helpful! Remember that we are not professionals - always seek advice from a professional coach if you are unsure of anything.


Beth explains the fundamentals of Ballroom hold for leaders.
Beth explains the fundamentals of Ballroom hold for followers.
Beth continues by explaining the fundamentals of shaping in Ballroom.
Katie talks about movement in Ballroom, focusing on the Waltz.
Rich breaks down the fundamentals of the Natural Turn, focusing on the step in Waltz.
Beth explains differences between Tango and the other, swinging, Ballroom dances. Tango used to be a Latin dance and the movement is very different from Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep!
Beth goes over the technique of the Link and Closed Promenade in Tango, for both leaders and followers.
Beth goes over the technique for Heel Turns.


Katie explains the fundamentals of Latin posture for both followers and leaders.
Beth introduces the fundamentals of body action in Latin.
Katie and William go through a Jive stamina workout.
Beth breaks down a rumba walk for you. If you’re struggling to fill the counts in your rumba or don’t know the proper technique, this video should help!
Katie explains posture in jive and goes through the basic technique.
Beth breaks down walks in the Cha Cha Cha.
Beth breaks down walks in Samba.
Beth introduces walks in the Paso Doble.
Beth introduces spins and spot turns.
Katie teaches technique for three useful steps in Cha-Cha: the New York, Cuban Break and Ronde.
Beth goes over the fundamentals of arm movement in Latin.

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