Weekly Timetable (w/c 9th October)

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed last weeks classes, it was great to see so many of you there, and I hope you enjoyed it and would like to come back for more classes!

If you are coming to classes, we would like you to get society membership from the guild website. Membership is only £5, and it really helps us continue running as a society (link below), as well as helping us raise funds for annual events like our competition, our trip to Blackpool and our very own Strictly Brum Dancing!


Here is the timetable for this week:

Monday 9th

🎉We have a meet and greet running at 6 – 7 pm in the Deb Hall with free pizza! Hope to see you there! Social classes will be starting as normal again next week!

🪩Rock ’n’ Roll class with Craig (7 – 8 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

Tuesday 10th

💃Private lessons with Jackie (10.15 am – 6 pm, Underground).

🪩Beginners ballroom and latin with Jackie (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall, £4)

🪩Novice ballroom with Jackie (7 – 7.45 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

🪩Novice latin with Jackie (7.45 – 8.30 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

🪩Intermediate/advanced ballroom with Jackie (8.30 – 9.15, Deb Hall, £3)

🪩Intermediate/advanced latin with Jackie (9.15 – 10 pm, Deb Hall, £3)

If you do both ballroom and latin for novice or inter/advanced, it is only £5!!

Wednesday 11th:

🪩Acro rock ‘n’ roll (8.00 – 9.30 pm, Revolution Gym in Selly oak)

You’ll need to get your tickets for this from https://www.revolutiongymclub.co.uk. If you haven’t tried this before, acro rock 'n' roll is a much more acrobatic style, with lifts, flips, jumps and carries. We practice at the Revolution Gym in a safe environment so people can learn the moves without the risk of severe injuries.

Thursday 12th:

🎉Vodbull!! We have VIP tickets including a booth, some free drinks and a queue jump!

Please let one of the committee know if you are interested in coming, then we can pass you a ticket and send you where the pres are.

Friday 13th:

✨Beginners practice (6 – 7 pm, Deb Hall)

✨Open practice (7 – 10 pm, Deb Hall)

Saturday 14th:

✨Beginners practice (1 – 2 pm, Underground)

✨Open practice (2 – 5 pm, Underground)

Practices this week will be beginning with ballroom first.